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Freddie Mercury In The Style Of Peanuts Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt are designed to remember to Freddie, the Rock Legend, the leader of Queen. He born in a parsi family on September 5, 1946, Freddie Mercury was named as Farrokh Bulsara by his parents. He was born in an Island of Zanzibar (now in Tanzania). One of the most unknown “Freddie fact” for Indians is that he actually has an Indian origin. At the age of eight, Freddie came to Panchgani, near Bombay to get admitted to St. Peter’s English Boarding School. The transition from Farrokh to Freddie took place around the same time when his friends gave him this name.

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He was a fairly decent piano player although I don’t know if any of the stuff he played could be considered virtuoso. However he was classically trained so I imagine he had a fair bit of skill. He quoted himself that he thought he was a mediocre pianist and hated performing the piano to Bohemian Rhapsody in fear he would mess it up. Their later songs contained less piano because of that. We would say he is an excellent piano player but I don’t think he could have made a career out of just his piano playing. One of the things that makes Freddie Mercury special was he knew his musical limits and always worked just a little beyond them. He pushed his talents to their limits but he managed to do it in a way where could create music people wanted to hear. Even though there is no piano on the track “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” I think it perfectly illustrates this point. For the most part it is a simple Rock song using a very limited number of chords. Even the Brian May guitar solo, while very musical, is fairly simple especially when compared to other songs.
Much depends on which country you were in. The United Stated had seen Queen’s popularity drop off considerably with Hot Space and The Works (also, it seems Freddie’s significant image change also corresponded with that drop off). Live Aid definitely pushed them back into US listeners consciousness but I’d say that the songs being featured with the Highlander movie (Princes of the Universe, Who Wants to Live Forever) likewise kicked them back into our attention. The Miracle received a good amount of play and Innuendo was getting attention when Freddie died, but after he died was when the Queen tribute renaissance went into overdrive. A lot more people were giving Queen credit for being a musical influence that didn’t before. What’s more, the Wayne’s World movie returned Bohemian Rhapsody to the #1 position in the charts and Queen has been able to enjoy a position of elder statesmen in the music world since. Likewise, the critics and press seemed to come around after Freddy’s death as well. They certainly had little positive to say while Queen was active and Freddy was alive.

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There are so many great Queen songs that are ingrained in the popular culture there are a number that slipped through the cracks. As others mentioned “It’s Late” is a quintessential Queen song but it gets overshadowed by We Will Rock you and We Are The Champions. I think even more underrated is the song “Sleeping on the Sidewalk”. It’s just a great song about the music business. One of my favorite Queen songs is from the album Jazz. “In Only Seven Days” is a beautiful song about a vacation love affair. It beautifully played and sung its hard not to feel the emotion of the affair. Also from this album is the song “Leaving Home Ain’t Easy”, an emotional song about a breakup that is both sad and uplifting. Few breakup songs can achieve both emotions in one single song. I just love the line “I’m a happy man, don’t it look that way?” My more controversial selection would have to be “The Show Must Go On” from the last studio album during Freddie Mercury’s life, Innuendo. Penned by Brian May it chronicles the struggles Freddie Mercury had with the rigorous of being a member of Queen in his final days. It’s a brave performance by a man who knew he was going to die. It is a love song written by Brian May to Freddie Mercury who sings it with all the heart and soul he has. Yes I know it was a single but the sheer connotation of telling your best friends its OK to continue to perform after you die is simply beautiful. Finally, Freddie Mercury In The Style Of Peanuts Shirt is an awesome shirt for anyone who love music, especial fan of rock.