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Freddie was a very good piano player, but as mentioned in other replies, he had his limits be they psychological or technical. However, Freddie Mercury Plays Piano Shirt is awesome mashup shirt to remember to him, a music legend. I learned a bit about his playing when i “became” him for a tribute act; not only was he a brilliant creator, but one of his biggest playing “quirks” was that he played a lot of root and octave notes, i.e. he was not very busy with his left hand. however, this was offset brilliantly by john deacon’s ever traveling bass lines. had the roles been reversed and john carried the root notes more, queen would have lost one of the things that set them far apart from the crowd.

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One of the things that makes Freddie Mercury special was he knew his musical limits and always worked just a little beyond them. He pushed his talents to their limits but he managed to do it in a way where could create music people wanted to hear. Even though there is no piano on the track “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” I think it perfectly illustrates this point. For the most part it is a simple Rock song using a very limited number of chords. Even the Brian May guitar solo, while very musical, is fairly simple especially when compared to other songs. They were all brilliant writers and very decent players, though i’ve never heard one of them claim to be a virtuoso. take brian for instance. his parts and playing are legendary, and so different than what other people were doing at the time (or since), but it wasn’t overly technical as far as difficulty. just very, very creative. He was a fairly decent piano player although I don’t know if any of the stuff he played could be considered virtuoso. However he was classically trained so I imagine he had a fair bit of skill.
He quoted himself that he thought he was a mediocre pianist and hated performing the piano to Bohemian Rhapsody in fear he would mess it up. Their later songs contained less piano because of that much of this is evidenced in how they morphed from a studio band to a live act. they were a very different animal live, and many parts were often modified to “keep it live” as much as possible.
Freddie Mercury was known of his extravagant and promiscuous lifestyle, which included men of all walks of the life. The gay/bi society in the 1970s was known as a fringe lifestyle, promiscuity being the norm and everyone slept with everybody. The HIV Patient Zero – Canadian airplane stewart Gaëtan Dugas – was known of his completely reckless and disregarding lifestyle, and as a flight attendant could infect hundreds of gay men all around the US. That happened in the 1970s.
Freddie loved everything beautiful, be they works of art, women, music, cats – or boys. He was extremely sensitive – and it was his undoing. According to Jim Hutton, he first sought diagnosis for HIV in 1986, and was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. Since HIV can incubate for years before developing the full AIDS – usually it takes 5 to 11 years, Freddie had no natural resistance, and as it was a particularly virulent strain, it is likely he contracted HIV in the early eighties. Some people point it to the period between 26th July and 13th August 1982 during a break in the tour in US.
Freddie had gazillions of one-night stands at that time, and he also organized wild orgies and parties. But after the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium 1984, he moved together with Jim Hutton, who was a faithful friend. They stayed together until Freddie passed away 1991. Jim Hutton himself was HIV positive, but he lingered on until the era of modern medication, and he passed away from another disease – lung cancer – in 2010.
Finally, if you are real fan of Freddie, let’s buy Freddie Mercury Playing Piano T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater. My favourite song sung by Freddie Mercury is Who wants to live forever (so, the live version), which is essentially a Brian May song. The show must go on is second favourite here, also mainly a Brian May piece. My favourite song written by Freddie is Crazy little thing called love and the masterpiece, Bohemian Rhapsody. But really, Love of my life and Don’t stop me now comes very close to third. I’m also a big fan of Under Pressure, which was a collaborative effort with David BowieQueen’s songs were world-famous because Freddie was the consummate showman, had one of the unique voices in rock history, had great range and wrote great songs (with or without the other three bandmates). Queen was different when they first came into the scene in 1973 because they brought something to rock the world had never seen before. They had no contemporaries because they brought opera and theater to rock, and the experiment worked so well that they used the formula to create hit after hit for at least a decade.