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Buy Roman Reigns Fuck Cancer Shirt to support him against to cancer. You know, Roman Reings, one of the world’s most celebrated wrestlers, has shocked fans in the wake of cancer. On the morning of October 23, the RAW show opens with Roman Reigns speech, not a challenge to the usual rivals, the WWE heavyweight champion suddenly admitted wearing leukemia.Wrestler born in 1985 said he would give up the WWE heavyweight belt, leaving the ring to deal with the disease. I will have to break up with the audience for a while, believe me, we will meet again soon.

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Roman Reigns Fuck Cancer Shirt
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Roman Reigns Fuck Cancer Hoodie, Sweatshirt, T-Shirt

Roman Reigns is a cancer that begins in the spinal cord, causing abnormalities of white blood cells. According to statistics in the United States, only 57% of people have the opportunity to live 5 years from being diagnosed with the disease.This is really sad news for fans of Roman in particular and the community of wrestling fans in general. The creature nicknamed “The Big Dog” has long been considered the face of WWE. He has won all of the current WWE Championship titles (world champion, world champion, team mate, intercontinental champion, US champion), was chosen to be the end of the legendary Undertaker’s career at WrestleMania. last year. Roman’s withdrawal to cure disease means the disintegration of “The Shield.”
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WWE’s current triumvirate will be absent from its key member and current heavyweight champion Roman Reigns. In the final appearance of “The Shield” in front of the audience, Seth Rollins could not help crying. Roman’s sudden departure forced the script team to give the other two members of The Shield an early confrontation. At the end of the Raw show on the same day, Dean Ambrose officially put an end to The Shield with a turn heel. He attacked teammate Seth Rollins and officially became a wrestler as “evil”. If you love Joe” Anoaʻi, let’s buy Roman Reigns Fuck Cancer Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater to help him.